Stop Fighting. Be Heard.

Here’s exactly what to say to make the school listen…

My Dyslexia Assessment Letter will empower you to…

• Organize and express your concerns in a way that gets you heard by the school

• Bypass the Student Intervention Team’s 4 month trial-and-error process

• Be prioritized in the dyslexia assessment queue

Too many parents are struggling to get their child assessed for dyslexia because the schools don’t care and the teachers don’t understand.

But I’m listening to you. I’m here to help...

How It Works...

My Dyslexia Advocate Letter will give you exactly what to say to finally receive the help you need. With this template, you can easily customize the letter to your child’s unique situation, then hand it over to the school to expedite the screening process.

"My school wasn't helping my child, and I'm a teacher here. I purchased the Training Level I and the videos are easy to follow. I changed jobs and now teach my own daughter with Dr. Cintron's reading program. We love it!"

Sarah Walwrath, S. Carolina Teacher, Parent

I was sad witnessing kids fail in school and seeing homes turn to battlefields over the most empowering thing - reading.

That's when I decided to dedicate my life to helping dyslexic children unlock their inner genius.

Today, I've published multiple books, launched online courses, and created tutoring programs designed with my unique approach of using music to help overcome dyslexia.

-Dr. Marianne Cintron

"I love how Dr. Marianne uses music to help overcome dyslexia. She truly creates a safe place to learn and an engaging experience!”

J.V., 7th Grader, California

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Stop Fighting. Be Heard.

Become the effective advocate you and your child need.

Download my free letter below...

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